Fiz Wiki

Homemade Mash Tun x1

"This converted cooler is perfect for mashing your grains.h"

Boost: No boost (starting item)

Homemade Mash Tun x2

"Doubling your mash turns results in more beer produced per batch"

Boost: 7% Yield

Homemade Mash Tun x3

"Three mash tuns available continue to increase your batch yield."

Boost: 14% Yield

Combination Mash Lauter Tun

"A stark improvement over the plastic cooler Mash Tun, this vessel automatically introduces hot water and recirculates it as sweet wort to fully mash and lauter your grains. You found this one used online."

Boost: 21% Yield

Combination MLT Pro

"Improved liquid circulation and temperature control increase the output efficiency of your Mashing operation."

Boost: 28% Yield

Combination MLT Ultra

"Now this MLT has all the bells and whistles, literally. Improved steam release, pressure control, and liquid circulation really gets the best Yield out of your Mash."

Boost: 34% Yield