Fiz Wiki
Name Shorthand ID Description
Saaz S A noble old-world hop. Delicate, mild, with clean aroma and flavor.
Hallertauer H A hop with earthy, yet clean flavor with subtle floral and spice fragrance. Weak bittering power.
Cascade Ca A hop with strong spicy, floral, and grapefruit character. Has a medium and noticeable fragrance.
Centennial Ce A hop with medium notes of flower and citrus, with a high bittering power.
Columbus Co A hop with pungent earth and spice aromas, with slight citrus overtones. Very bitter.
East Kent Goldings EKG A premium hop that is celebrated particularly in its homeland, the UK, this low bitterness hop has slightly sweet citrus aromas.
Perle P An aromatic hop originally from Germany. Medium power and a clean and pleasant aroma and taste.
Chinook Ch Spice, pine, and distinctive grapefruit aromas abound in this dual purpose hop.
Fuggle F A hop with a mild, soft, and woody, yet grassy aroma. An English classic.
Slimdoe Sl A unique hop containing a healthy hoppy aroma with herbal, pine, and citrus notes.
Armadillo Ar Distinct, medium strong aroma of citrus and flowers, with an undertone of grapefruit flavor.
Galena G A very bitter cousin of Brewer's Gold hops, these are sure to add a clean kick to any brew.
Magnum M As the name implies, this German-grown hop has a clean aroma and heavy bittering power.
Northern Brewer NB Fragrant and strong flavored, this hop has an almost minty taste and aroma.
Apollo Ap One of the kings (or Gods, if you prefer) of high alpha acid. This powerful bittering hop elicits notes ranging from spice to herbal to citrus. More expensive due to its temperamental growing reliability.