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Fiz: The Brewery Management Game is a 16-bit style single-player brewery simulation game being developed by Bit By Bit Studios and currently being crowd funded through Kickstarter. The game will be available for Android phones, iOS phones, and iPod touches (iOS 4.0 or greater). Stretch goals also include tablet support for both mobile platforms as well as PC and Mac versions.

Beer Make Beer
Use Beer
Upgrade your Brewery

Taking inspiration from such classics as Lemonade Stand and Roller Coaster Tycoon, Fiz gamifies all the fun aspects of homebrewing and leaves out the tedious and annoying ones. You play as a homebrewing enthusiast who has decided to quit your job and start a brewery.

Grain.png Features

  • 100+ Recipes to discover and customize
  • 40+ Marketplaces to unlock
  • 20+ Employees to hire and fire
  • 50+ Brewing equipment upgrades
  • Win awards and ribbons in various events and competitions

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