Fiz Wiki

Fiz is a 16-bit style single-player brewery simulation game from Bit By Bit Studios. Make and market your own beer and become a worldwide beer icon!

You play as a homebrewing enthusiast who has decided to quit your job and start a brewery. The basic game loop is: make beer, use beer, upgrade brewery, repeat.

Make Beer

Discover and customize a hundred recipes in various beer styles and tastes.

Use Beer

Sell your beer at retail, or send your beer to competitions and special events.

Retail: Purchase distribution contracts with marketplaces, each having different customer profiles which dictate how much money customers have and what types of beers they like (you wouldn't sell Bud Light at a Belgian Ale House). Perform Market research and set your prices accordingly.

Competitions and Events: Enter special events and competitions in order to gain recognition and prizes ranging from cash to special ingredients and recipes otherwise unobtainable.

Upgrade Your Brewery

Use sales profits to hire employees, each having different strengths and weaknesses, to make better beer. Level up your employees by improving their stats. Gain access to exclusive events and marketplaces based on your team makeup.

Upgrade your brewing equipment for higher quality beer.

Purchase new recipes and ingredients to make different types of beer or to add new effects to old recipes, such as double XP, or the sinister "mind control pheromones" which force customers to buy your beer.