Cleaning I

"This metal sing cleans your geear well enough"

Boost: No boost (starting item)

Cleaning II

"Cleaning is good for the soul, and increases XP gained by all employees during brewing"

Boost: 5%

Cleaning III

"Even more cleaning results in even more experience"

Boost: 10%

Cleaning IV

"No more soapy water. It's time to use Moon San, the acid-based no-rinse sanitation solution."

Boost: 15%

Cleaning V

"New extra long brushes may take some more experience to handle but they make sure the bottom of those vessels get nice and clean."

Boost: 20%

Cleaning VI

"Adding a pressurized Moon San sprayer makes Cleaning a bit easier. Although using it properly does take some getting used to."

Boost: 25%
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