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Bit By Bit Studios

Bit By Bit Studios is an indie game studio specializing in tools and mobile games development. The Studios are in fact a two person team of industry-experienced game developers based in Eugene, Oregon:

  • Sean Sanders - Programming and Design
  • Kelly O'Donnell - Art

About Sean[]

A lifelong gamer and since-he-was-of-legal-age beer enthusiast, Sean began making games in his early teens, and has worked professionally in the industry since early 2009. He most recently served as the Lead Programmer for the Chillingo-published iOS hit Rinth Island. In mid 2012 he founded Bit By Bit Studios and began work on Fiz.

About Kelly[]

The wild Kelly is often found drawing monsters and making 3D models, but she can be persuaded to craft pixel art with a delicious local brew. She left her senior artist job to join Sean and Bit By Bit Studios for indie game making adventures.